UntitledLocation: Blackford (Perth & Kinross) . Region: Highlands
Owner: Tullibardine Distillery Ltd. (Picard Vins & Spiritueux)
Founded: 1949

Status: Active . Stills: 4 (2 wash & 2 spirit)
Source: Springs on the Ochill Hills  . Output: 2,700,000 l/year

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In my opinion
The Tullibardine distillery, proudly displays the year 1488 as its founding year, with the slight nuance that the distillery was only erected on former brewery grounds back in 1949.As one of the few Scottish distilleries that was privately owned >>>

Whisky Age Cask ABV Score Review
  • Tullibardine 1993 Vintage
17yo (1993/2010) AO Bourbon  casks 40.0 76 >>>