Greetings and welcome to my site


Pull up a chair and let me introduce myself. The name is Karel-Jan, aka Pandemonium, a young political scientist from Belgium and whisky enthusiast. In my professional life I work as an assistant specialized in International Politics for a MP in the Belgian Federal Parliament. But I will not include any political statements in this blog, even though politics are another passion of me, I've learned that the both of them don't mix well. Whisky loosens the tongues, so unless you are Winston Churchill, be a wise man and keep alcohol and politics separate.

 From sewage water to nectar

My first introduction to the world of whisky was dissapointing. As I recall, my first taste came from an old Johnnie Walker Red Label about ten years ago. Safe to say it did not go down well, and I wisely decided to stick with beer (what else did you expect from a Belgian?), wine, genever and the occasional bourbon. It took me another five years to buy my first bottle: a sherry finished Grants. Even though I loathed the taste, the bottle was displayed lagavulin-1996-distillers-editionon a notable spot for my fellow students to see,  in a desperate attempt to act sophisticated.  Stealthily I had to finish the bottle by mixing it with coke.

It wasn't until the summer of 2012, when I tasted  my first Lagavulin (the Distillers Edition '96) at the Glenkinchie Distillery, that I first took interest in Single Malt Whisky. During the next few months I had my fair share of different whiskies at the Water of Life Society events at the University of Edinburgh (making the best out of my Erasmus Experience). So by the time I returned home, I hadn't just fallen in love with Scotland, I carried a few bottles of my new alluring mistress in the suitcase.

From that time on, the collection of samples and bottles has only grown. Every month new expressions and distilleries are added to my list, and at least once every year I'll take a stagecoach or a plane up north to my beloved Edinburgh to venture further into the Highlands. Be it the West Highland Way or some ill-defined paths along the shores of Islay, with my walking boots, a tent and a few distilleries along the way, nothing can stop me.

The website's origins

As of 2013 I started writing reviews. Unsatisfied by the limitations of the existing mediums like Whiskybase or Connosr and a tad jealous of the popular websites like Malt Madness and Whisky Fun, I decided to build my own blog "Malts of Pandemonium". This website is the successor of that first blog, dedicated not only to the world of single malts, but with room for some of my other projects.

As for that bottle of Grants, through my love for single malts, I have learned to respect the little blends. So from time to time after a night of clubbing, you might find me sipping from a red label.

Yours Sincerely,