UntitledLocation: Inverness (Inverness-shire) . Region: Speyside
Owner: Distillers Company Ltd.
Founded: 1807 . Closed: 1985

Status: Lost . Stills: 2 (1 wash & 1 spirit)
Source: Loch Duntelchaig . Output: Unknown

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In my opinion
Up to the 80's Inverness could proudly say it had no less than three small distilleries within the city limits. All was fine with the world until the overzealous industry created the infamous whisky lake that swept away two centuries of whisky production in Inverness. In 1983 >>>

Whisky Age Cask ABV Score Review
  • Millburn C
18yo (1978/1997) AO Bourbon cask #3166 65.6 no no
  • Millburn FMS
12yo (1983/1995) AO Bourbon cask 43.0 83 >>>