Ledaig 10yo (2004/2015) The Ultimate


Cradled in Sherry Time to pop open another cask strength battle from the Ultimate range of Van Wees. That smell of burned rubber and salt is so familiar. It is the gem better known as Ledaig, from the shores of…
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Ledaig 6yo (2005/2012) Riverstown


The Dragon An alternative title: ‘Hot burning sulphured egg’ I happened upon a description of this particular whisky on the whiskyfun website. And the description was so utterly fascinating that I just had to trace down a sample (no whole…
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Ledaig 11yo (2001/2012) Signatory Vintage

Ledaig signatory

Mull in a sherry jacket Have I already mentioned that I love Ledaig? And with each purchased bottle the infatuation only grows. On my monthly whisky shop visit, the first thing I’ll probably check is they have a new release of…
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Ledaig 6yo (2008/2014) Signatory Vintage


Dirty Dog   From the Un-Chillfiltered Collection of Signatory Vintage and bottled for The Nectar, comes this challenging whisky. Though matured in a refill sherry hogshead, it is by far the palest whisky I’ve ever seen. Some classify it as…
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Ledaig 8yo (2001/2010) The Nectar

ledaig 2001

Salty Dog I’ve developed a taste for young Ledaigs. I’ll admit I didn’t care much for anything Tobermory produced and still don’t for anything bottled under the latter name. Young independent Ledaigs as it turns out play in a whole…
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Tobermory 10yo (OB)


Spicy Saké Bought me a bottle in Portree (yes, I know, it’s on the isle of the Talisker single malt) a couple of weeks ago, but only opened it now, had to try a few others first. Nose: well what…
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Ledaig 10yo (OB)


Almost Islay I dare call Ledaig an Islay malt. Not because of its grand taste, not because I believe that other peated whiskies are just Islay-style (if such a thing even exists) rip-offs. No because the only thing that separates…
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