Lagavulin 8yo 200th Anniversary

Lagavulin 8

Spartan Lagavulin With Lagavulin’s 200th birthday drawing near and with many of the fans concerns were growing: would Diageo would make us pay dearly for the jubilee edition, are they cocky enough to force a NAS down our throats? Surprise,…
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The Whisky Mercenary Tasting


The Whisky Mercenary presents A whisky tasting by Whisky&More© I mentioned the Belgian whisky shop called Whisky&More© on here before, it’s still a newcomer on the market with a rather small collection of whisky on offer, slowly expanding while opening…
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Trip to Islay


Queen of the Hebrides Well since this blog is not solely about reviewing whiskies, let me tell you about my last trip to Scotland, more specifically to the Mecca of whisky. No not the Speyside, the other one: Westering home of single…
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Lagavulin 16yo (OB)


Eternal Love   I would love to say just like Johannes v/d Heuvel from, that the Lagavulin 16 was my first encounter with single malt, that just blew my mind and was the start of a long and fascinating…
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