Day 1 (Trip to Islay)

2014-08-16 17.03.48

The Journey Inverness to Loch Finlaggan (265 km total ⇒ 5.5km walking) Prelude Inverness & Skye It wasn’t the first time that I’ve been to both regions in Scotland. I had a pretty wild and drunken night back in 2012 in…
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Day 2 (Trip to Islay)

Day 1 Loch Finlaggan to Port Charlotte (45 km total ⇒ 36km walking) What a first day! Throughout the night, storm fronts kept coming in, but my good old trusty tent kept me warm and dry. Though the rippling water…
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Day 3 (Trip to Islay)

Day 3 Port Charlotte Circuit (31 km total ⇒ 27km walking) ↑ Port Charlotte Lighthouse As promised by the hostel keeper, the weather improve. The winds died down a little and the amount of rain that fell that day declined significantly….
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