Highland Park

Highland Park Dark Origins


Dark Origins, Solid Results Like an omen foretelling the death of your favourite entry level drams, or a new stellar mark-up: NAS, the acronym that sends shivers down the spine of most whisky enthusiasts.Seemingly whenever a NAS is announced, distillers…
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Malts of Scotland Tasting

2015-10-10 19.58.00

Malts of Scotland presents A whisky tasting by Whisky&More© My third whisky tasting at the Belgian whisky shop called Whisky&More©. After earlier cooperations with G&M and Liquid Treasures, the shop now entered into an agreement with the German independent bottler Malts…
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Higland Park 16yo (OB)


Highland Park Light: A forgotten whisky In the days before 16yo Highland Parks were sold in wooden designer containers and fancy bottles, they were part of the regular range and were available for travel retail at your local airport. Although…
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Highland Park 12yo (OB)


Scotch with that little touch of Viking No need to introduce the HP 12 here, it is a classic as it sets a high standard for all other entry level bottlings. Many claim that they are not what they used…
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