Teeling Single Malt


Microwaved Three Course Dinner For their first own produce we’ll have to wait a few more years, but that shouldn’t stop us from sampling some of stuff they ordered from other distilleries. They should be a perfect representation of what…
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Connemara Original


Les Lacs du Connemara A barren plain of rocks earmarked by the raging winds of the Atlantic, an eerie no-man’s-land of moors, bogs and shimmering blue lakes. How the hell did the East-Irish distiller Cooley think they could capture the…
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Kilbeggan Traditional Whiskey


The lights are on but no one’s home   I am well aware that the Kilbeggan you’ll find in stores today is made at the Cooley Distillery as the first batches of the old reopened distillery haven’t come of age…
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The Whisky Mercenary Tasting


The Whisky Mercenary presents A whisky tasting by Whisky&More© I mentioned the Belgian whisky shop called Whisky&More© on here before, it’s still a newcomer on the market with a rather small collection of whisky on offer, slowly expanding while opening…
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