Trip to Islay


Queen of the Hebrides Well since this blog is not solely about reviewing whiskies, let me tell you about my last trip to Scotland, more specifically to the Mecca of whisky. No not the Speyside, the other one: Westering home of single…
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Port Charlotte PC8 (OB)


Bold Strokes from Islay   Time to re-taste an old classic from the Bruichladdich stable: tonight’s entertainment is brought to you straight from the shores of Loch Indaal. And it brings back with it quite a few good memories. I…
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Octomore 6.1


Flash Review These are the short tasting notes from the Octomore 6.1. September 2014 at Bruichladdich Distillery, at the counter I asked for a taste of the Octomore 6.1, as I really enjoyed the 5.1 a long while ago . Nose: leather, medicinal…
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Bruichladdich Andy Ritchie Valinch 07


Flash Review These are the short tasting notes from the Andy Ritchie Valinch 07, September 2014 at Bruichladdich Distillery. Description: The Andy Ritchie Valinch 07 is a cask picked out by the (bottling hall manager?), who’s going on retirement. A 24yo (1989/2014)…
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Bruichladdich Octomore 5.1 (OB)


Christmas at the Teviot Row House   Christmas tasting at the Water of Life Society at the University of Edinburgh, perfect evening, great whiskies, good company, a perfect evening. To top it off, they had a surprise: a real “punch…
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