Trip to Islay

Queen of the Hebrides

Well since this blog is not solely about reviewing whiskies, let me tell you about my last trip to Scotland, more specifically to the Mecca of whisky. No not the Speyside, the other one: Westering home of single malt whisky and Queen of the Hebrides, Islay.


My gratitude goes out to all the friendly people who helped me along my journey.
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Project "Getting back on track" is on the way

The life of a recent graduate is harder than it looks. So much time and so little substantial to fill it with, endless days of sifting through job vacancies and sending in my CV with little to no feedback from potential employers. I needed a break from it all, ... So how about another hiking trip, before I turned the page and start a new chapter in my life?

One week away from all the screening procedures, the endless hours of procrastination. One week of doing the things I like before being turned into an actual member of society, who makes a worthwhile contribution to this fellow citizens.

Now the idea to strap on my boots once more and get some more miles on the counter weren't new. My planned excursion to the Mont Blanc (The Tour du Mont Blanc, to be more specific) right after my dissertation defense in late June had been cancelled due to bad weather. And in July I completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

First my mind was set on doing the Isle of Skye trail and an invitation from the SYHA (Scottish Youth Hostel Association) to spend a few nights at their expense and a free excursion to the Isle of Skye came in quite handy. The only thing holding me back, was finding one or more partners to accompany me, share a tent and a few drams along the way. Well let that just be the problem: last year's rainy adventure along the West Highland Way did not encourage too many people to accompany me back to the Scottish Highlands. Others were too preoccupied with the search for a new job or were still working on their dissertation.

And let's be honest about it, I've never been a great people's person, but I'm doing the best I can. To me, being a charismatic and overall likable person is something that requires a certain emotional investment of time and dedication. And as I spend my last year pouting about being rejected by the girl of my dreams and not making any progress in life, I should not be surprised that nowadays my cell phone rarely rings on the weekend days and few were enthusiastically lining up to become my partner for the road.

So well f*** it, I said to myself, let's just make this a solo-trekking trip, somewhere in Scotland with an easier geography than Skye. How about a trip to Islay, with enough distilleries to help me fight the elements and sore feet along the way and enough time out in the wilderness to help me rethink my life and become a better person.

And the rest is history...