Mortlach 30yo (1984/2014) G&M

Mortlach 30yo  (1984/2014)

MORTLACH_1984_1024x1024_thumb1Cask: First fill sherry butt

Nose: sherried notes, scents of chilly, red apples, a touch of cinnamon and eucalyptus

Mouth:  a waxy and creamy body with meaty bold flavours on the palate: high sugary notes, orange peel, some cream cheese, spiced up with nutmeg and cinnamon

Finish: Long and satisfying with tones of citrus and a touch of chocolate

The Verdict 

My number 3 for the evening and probably the most complex of them all. This bombastic round bodied whisky, has Mortlach written all over it. Properly aged in a sherry barrel this whisky feels so much better than the G&M 15yo. No more discusting layers of vanilla. A work of art, but I’m just no Mortlach kind of guy. Still not getting what all the fuzz is about.