Miltonduff 30yo (1984/2014) G&M

Miltonduff 30yo (1984/2014)

mtdgm1984_thumb62Cask: Refill bourbon barrel

Nose: high sherried notes of red apples, peaches, with a touch of mint. Some lemon hidden underneath

Mouth: a waxy body but surprisingly fresh on the palate:  notes of  grapes and peach with a raw edge

Finish: very short and grassy, leaves a slightly sour taste, notes of chocolate in the tail.

The Verdict

Swimming against the stream here, I actually preferred the 10yo Miltonduff. And before you’ll all stone me to death, allow me to explain myself. The nose was excellent, the palate surprisingly fresh for a 30yo., but it was the somewhat sharp and raw edge of the palate and the lack of a finish that sunk this one for me. This whisky felt incomplete, something was missing.