Caol Ila 13yo (2001/2014) G&M

Caol Ila 13yo (2001/2014) Connaisseurs Choice

10394779_544588349012012_31819254291[1]Cask: First fill bourbon barrel

Nose:  notes of citrus, adhesive, bandages and cleaning alcohol. Underlying a layer of soot and soft medicinal peat

Mouth: a light and refreshing body with soft notes of citrus on the palate, some rough grind black pepper, a whiff of peat smoke and a notch of pine wood to finish it off.

Finish: Long and satisfying notes of pine rasin with a drying mouth feel
The Verdict

This evening’s winner, I don’t have bias for peat.  But this Caol Ila is beautiful in its  simplicity.