Dalmore 12yo (OB)

More than meets the eye ?


5w40_8I’ll admit at first I wasn’t too impressed by the 12yo Dalmore. Granted, I never gave the Dalmore Distillery too much credit, in my mental ranking it was right there at Macallan-levels as an overpriced/overestimated snobbish brand. More than once I called the 12yo an overall bore in my reviews

But now that I got a bottle of the 12yo as a gift, I must admit that I find myself having a tiny sip almost every day of the week. It is just such an accessible whisky, nicely soft and smooth. The more I try, the more I like it, something I would never have acknowledged the first few times that I tried it.

Which begs the question of course, is there more than meets the eye here?

26568Nose: Mostly malty notes, soft banana cream, sherry, cabernet sauvignon, a touch of chocolate, and faint hints of blackcurrant.

Mouth: Smooth body, dry and a little bitter on the palate, some spices like cloves, strips of leather, chocolate, tones of oranges, green malt and vanilla

Finish: fairly short and drying with notes of bitter oranges.
The Verdict

Like I said before in my Dalmore Cigar Malt review, maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. Maybe its not in Dalmore’s intent to create an conceptionally flavoured single malt. They just want to create a smooth enjoyable whisky that can be consumed at all occasions, preferably after a hard day’s work.

And in a way it works very well, quite addictive stuff gents, beware.
If so I have to congratulate them, well done guys.