Benromach 10 (OB)

A Quality Dram

158422-benromach-distillery-forresEver had a whisky that you simply forgot about? According to my log I had my first Benromach 10 back in 2012. So this is more of a rediscovery, than an actual new experience.
Right from the Gordon & MacPhail Boutique Speyside distillery comes this ten year old 80-20% mix of bourbon and sherry casks with an oloroso finish.

thewhiskyexchange.comNose: greasy on the nose with hints of tea, a touch of peat, a whiff of sherry, mustard, brown sugar, nutmeg (stimulating) and some vanilla.

Mouth: A rich big bodied, sherry infused, smooth whisky with a warm mouth feel, mineral and slightly waxy on the palate. Notes of apple wood smoke, bitter oranges, and a touch of vanilla.

Finish: medium long finish with light mineral elements, with a spicy edge and some citrus notes in the tail.

The Verdict

A great whisky, certainly for a 10yo. The mix of bourbon and sherry casks paid off and created a rich and multi-layered whisky.
Great job here G&M, an absolute must have.