Bladnoch 10yo cask #102 (OB)

Best of the Lowlands (for now…)


As dark clouds gather above the Bladnoch distillery, just three years from its second centennial, how about a review of a 10yo by Raymond Armstrong? (there is a whole range of different 10yo single cask editions, hence the frequent confusion) in 2014 the Bladnoch Distillery went into liquidation as two of the four directors wanted to sell. Since its successful revival the distillery had been plagued by problems like the restrictions imposed by former owner Diageo and an apparent quarrel between the Armstrong brothers.

Thus due to the high costs of production was halted in 2009 and early this month rumors about the possible sale to a real estate company started to emerge.

So if your thinking about stocking up before the price of these beauties reaches Port Ellen levels, keep your eyes and ears peeled for news on this distillery. Fingers crossed and lets all hope for the best.

thewhiskyexchange.comNose: a briny nose, with farmy notes like hay, malt and yeast in the background. A second layer improves the nose with hints of iodine, peat, a few fruity tones of figs and citrus accompanied by a subdued whiff of vanilla and toasted oak.
(with a dash of water: the nose becomes surprisingly clean and new coconut aromas surface)

Mouth: warm on the palate, with spicy orange peels and honey on the forefront, mouth drying and bitter in the middle with notes of oak leaf lettuce and spiced up with black pepper in the tail
(with water added: more fruity notes like pineapple and white grapes develop)

Finish: long and lingering finish with notes of cereal, biscuits and a bit of porridge and good touch of spice.

The Verdict

A decent whisky at a good price, maybe a bit inferior to other 10yo Bladnoch editions, but overall still a more than decent dram. Bladnoch is by far the other lowland distilleries’ superior (not taking the silent distilleries like St Magdalene , Rosbank and Littlemill into account) and it would sadden me to see it suffer a similar fate like so many lowlanders before.


Score: 86