Jura Superstition (OB)

Jura Floozy

Last review before I leave for Islay, how about a young floozy (no disrespect intended) from the neighboring Isle of Jura?


Nose: young, soft and slightly salty: faint hints apple wood smoke, scents of linseed, porridge and hint of pine. (Nose less strong than the last bottle that I tried)

Mouth: strong on the palate, porridge with a spoonful of white pepper. Underlying sweetness with hints of caramel and butter are spiced up with a dash of salt and pepper, further notes of peat and a teaspoon of honey.

Finish: Medium long with hints of caramel, honey, butter, soft smoke, hints banana, vanilla and a bit of rough grind pepper in the finishing touch.

The Verdict

Origin with a touch of spice (bam! spice weasel)