Benriach Heart of Speyside (OB)

Entry Level Dram

My Apologies


DSCI0480The author letting his inner child out in the Yorkshire Dales

Long time since I wrote a review, but since I’m currently making some space in my cabinet for a few new bottles, I might as well do a few reviews on older bottles in my possession. I had high hopes to find some interesting bottles whilst on vacation in Yorkshire, but I was deadly wrong.
Thus until my trip to the Northern Highlands, Skye and Islay next month (yes I’m quite the busy bee), there won’t be any new exciting whisky-reviews, only a well known classics that you’ll find in the cabinets of whisky lover all around the world.


This is a review of an easy cheap NAS. Speysider, known as Heart of Speyside from the BenRiach distillery. It is the entry level dram from Flagship Range of the BenRiach distillery

m13191Colour: Straw gold

Nose: Fresh nose with soft elements of heather, grass and honey. soft undertones of salt and oak wood with a touch of spice. Very clean.

Mouth: fruity and farmy notes, soft and slightly buttery on the palate with once more hints of honey and heather. Tones of oak wood but not overly powerful and a whiff of pepper and soft smoke.

Finish: Stronger in the finish with powerful notes of pepper, sweetened up with a teaspoon of honey.

The Verdict

Harmless and overall pleasant, don’t expect a complex majestic dram here for this price. Probably one of the better decent entry-level whiskies out there. well worth a try.


Score: 80