Laphroaig 8yo 2005/2014 (Douglas Laing Provenance)

Laphroaig 8yo 2005/2014 (Douglas Laing Provenance)



Colour: Pale white with nice long legs

Nose: Hints of pine, wood polish, honey, (quite deep)underlying elements of menthol, leather and a whiff of smoky vanilla. With water added: a much peatier nose and stronger fruity aroma’s

Mouth: Smoke, a not overly-complex palate, slightly fruity: peach, banana and black currant, light peat, white pepper, orange peel and notes of tea. With water added: much stronger medicinal peaty notes

Finish: Medium long peppery burn, with hints of medicinal peat.

The Verdict

I guess Laphroaig has one of the most recognizable tastes of all the Islays. That medicinal peat is their watermark. And I was right, a young Laphroaig. Less interesting nose than the Caol Ila but so much more enjoyable on the palate.


Score: 85