Big Peat

Big Peat


13_thumb1Colour: Pale hay

Nose: Curious yogurt aromas escaping from the bottle while poring the glass. Zesty hints of lemon, honey, a whiff of mint, thyme spice, white pepper and cereal.
(with water added: a fuller smokier nose, notes of earthy peat, bonfire smoke, iodine and some fruity notes are added to the mix)

Mouth: Warm and balanced, more honey, spices and dark earthy peat with hints of salt.(with water added: some citrus, oranges and grilled fruit reveal themselves, this dram definitely needs a few drops of water to reveal the underlying sugary and fruity notes.)

Finish: Sharp and peppery, more hints of peat, a long and lingering finish.

The Verdict

I was expecting that sample #5, would most likely be the Big Peat dram. But sample #4 tasted vaguely familiar, so I went for Big Peat and once again I was right (2/5: not bad, not bad at all). What I like most about this one, is the nose, I could sniff this one for hours.
The most impressive about this whisky is probably its price: a quality vatted Islay-malt for only €38. Certainly worth buying. 



Score: 85