Arran 10yo (OB)

Young Stallion


arranwhisky.comThe entry level Arran seems to divide the whisky community, some appreciate its honest simplicity, for others this seems to be a deal breaker. So I’ve seen reviews from enthusiasts and from those who grind it into the dust. I’ve decided to join forces with the former.

The 10yo was the first expression from this young distillery that I tried a couple of years ago.  The distillery suffered from bad press in its early years after the release of their first malts, but the dark days are gone and Arran has taken its place among the better Scottish distilleries that are well worth the try.

Non chill-filtered and no colouring was added, the golden straw colour is the product of a marriage first and second fill bourbon and sherry casks on a 70-30 ratio, or was it 80-20? sources seem to differ.

masterofmalt.comNose: Very light and clean nose, mild fruity characteristics: kiwi and bananas, butterscotch, but also farmy and grainy, scents reminiscent of a warm oatmeal.

Mouth: Creamy on the palate, citrus notes, spiced up with a teaspoon of ginger spice and sweet overripe apples.

Finish: Long, with a touch of salt but predominant vanilla overtones.

The Verdict

A nice, clean and refreshing malt: young and full of life. An inexpensive widely available whisky, which proved to be an easy and relax Sunday evening sipper. Although my preferences go out to its bustier older sister, the Arran 14yo.


Score: 80