Tobermory 10yo (OB)

Spicy Saké

maltmadness.comBought me a bottle in Portree (yes, I know, it’s on the isle of the Talisker single malt) a couple of weeks ago, but only opened it now, had to try a few others first.

Nose: well what can I say: when I opened the bottle, I was surprised that the first scents that reached my nose were not those  generally associated with whisky,it reminded me more of Saké.
With a second, proper, nosing that same saké sent became an undertone, but still very present, overall the nose is fairly light, some barley, yes, spices, grinded pepper to be more specific. Nothing special, except for that strange Saké smell.

Mouth: oily, dried fruits, maybe a hints of cinnamon and salt with whiffs of smoke, but well saturated with spices.

Finish: Some other reviews claimed that it has a long finish, I tend to disagree; my experience is rather short and light but that peppery taste does hang around in your mouth for quite some time.

The Verdict

Overall not a bad malt, but not really my taste. Overall judgment may be a bit harsh, but I expected much more from this islander


Score: 77