Glen Deveron 10yo

A lesson to be learned

scotchwhisky.netI was seriously disappointed with the samples of the Aberfeldy 12 and Dewars’ White label , that were handed out after the distillery tour, so when I came across this fellow in the distillery shop, with its sleek package design, I was immediately sold.  At the time Glen Deveron was still a mysterious malt in Belgium, whereas today, two years later, almost every convenience store seems to be stocking it. The disappointment after buying this bottle was so big that I deceided to change my ways and never again would I buy a bottle  from an unknown distillery, before trying a few samples first.

Glen Deveron is a single malt whisky  produced by the Macduff distillery.
Bottled at only 40%, do not add water to this one !  

Glen-Deveron-10-new-2Colour: A nice golden dram

Nose: Citrus, cereals, whiffs of oak wood shaving, a bit floral and light scents of vanilla. Not a strong nose.

Taste: Oak, cereal notes, a whiff of orange.

Finish: Wait what finish? The only thing I get out of this is a short and sharp bitter end.

The Verdict

This malt is like a disappointing roller coaster ride: it looks spectacular from the outside, but as you get into the cart you’ll get your first doubts, there are no bumps or corners on the ride, just a flat track and when you arrive at the finish two seconds later, you feel cheated. It was not unpleasant, but the lack of a climax, or just anything to report here makes this a very boring malt. It will probably remain in my cabinet for the years to come, as I’m not really motivated to finish it. The score the I’ll give to this malt is fairly low, not because it’s a bad whisky, but there is simply nothing I can report on the finish of this malt, it’s simply an unbalanced malt.


Score: 72