Bruichladdich Octomore 5.1 (OB)

Christmas at the Teviot Row House


Christmas tasting at the Water of Life Society at the University of Edinburgh, perfect evening, great whiskies, good company, a perfect evening. To top it off, they had a surprise: a real “punch in the face” whisky and God, was I in for a treat.

Octomore 5.1, the peatiest whisky on the planet 169 Ppm, a malt so good that I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Well, after the 6 preceding drams, one would expect that my nose would be well saturated, but from the moment that the first bottle was cracked open about 3 meters from me, a wave of aromas came rolling in.

BruichladdichOctomore51_largeNose: Peat, but not from a campfire, no this is a wildfire of peat, but at the same time rich of fruit: Cranberries but also hints of Orange, Dark Chocolate,Vanilla, a maritime breeze somewhere in there: a faint smell of Salt. There is just so much in here

Taste: And the gates of heaven open: Heavily Peated, but surprisingly smooth, Iodine, Toasted Barley again the fruit, but new flavors like Grapes, but also spices: hints of Cinnamon and Ginger

Finish: a long warm burning but pleasant sensation, a long lasting intriguing taste of Peat and Oranges on your tongue and a warmth that reaches every corner of your body.

The Verdict

To me this one is verging on the divine. The next morning I picked up a bottle in a shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I finished about half of it by the time I had to return home. But fate (or that is the ground handling services at Edinburgh or Brussels Airport) struck me a cruel blow. I packed the metal container with the bottle inside in a duffle bag together with my clothes. But as soon as I went to retrieve my checked-in luggage at the luggage carousel, a strong smell of peat indicated that things had gone terribly wrong. Sadly enough, the dented metal container is the only souvenir I have left.


Score: 93