Aberfeldy 12yo (OB)


Perthshire Disneyland


The Aberfeldy distillery is home to the Dewar’s World of Whisky Experience, the Disneyland of the Dewar’s brand, a subsidiary of Bacardi. With a large exhibition in the former maltings, the good folk at the distillery desperately try to establish their White Label as one of the major blends in the world.

As it was busy day, they decided to start our tour where it normally should end: in the old dunnage warehouses. I was extremely surprised to learn that the whole interior of the warehouse was just a decor: no whisky was maturing in those casks, just a mere mock-up for tourists.
Thus the tone was set for the rest of the visit, like the snob I am, I made a solid vow not to enjoy the rest of the tour and that and to hate the product.
The tour was ok at best, I guess. As they were short on tour guides, we returned to the visitor center a bit earlier. The exhibition there was set up well, but as always I prefer experiencing the actual process over reading about it in a multimedia exposition.

I had quite a few drams of it at the distillery. They only offer you one sip after the tour, but as my fellow companions, weren’t really into whisky,  I finished their drinks for them.
A trip to the village made it all better, as the surroundings are absolutely stunning.

The  Whisky



Nose: what can I say: light, scents of threshed grain, faint smell of flowers and white fruit: apples

Mouth: Smooth and light, not much to tell about this one actually, a bit oily but it generally lacks character: watery oatmeal with ginger and honey.

Finish: Long and lightly spicy finish

The Verdict

Not to insult this malt, but I actually prefer the Dewar blends over the original single malt. This Whisky is as uninteresting as a goldfish.


Score: 78